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Mendocino Has Limited Openings for New Criminal Defense Attorney Clients
Sick of Prison Calls and Letters? Utilize
Focus on Your Current and Future Clients!
Running a Criminal Defense practices is hard enough without worrying about being swamped by former clients' letters and phone calls into your offices. Mendocino Consulting acts as a communication clearing house for post-adjudication clients, handling 90% of issues without re-engaging the original attorney of record. 

Mendocino can assist clients on their journey through the process from a sociological perspective, removing the need for over-priced prison consultants, and then stays with the clients throughout their stay in the prison system, providing necessary support, communication, and access to remedy. This frees their representing attorney from potentially burdensome communications from prison and requests that many are not trained on how to handle as they are not actually matters for attorney's of record from criminal cases, but matters of administrative law as it relates to the prison system. 

Mendocino currently can onboard a limited number of criminal defense law offices. Don't miss your opportunity to improve the lives of your clients and the efficiency of your office.

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Applications Typically Responded To Within 24 Hours
"Mendocino Consulting allows your practice to focus on new client onboarding and litigating pending matters without worrying about medical issues at a prison two thousand miles away from a client three years ago."
Mendocino partners all have graduate-level degree work and personal direct or indirect experience in the prison system, its internal functioning, administrative law framework, and how to guide clients to the hypothetical solutions they need. With over 15 years of experience and Covering all of California and Nevada, Mendocino brings its clients maximum performance at great value.


Don't allow your client to spend $3,000 to $15,000 on expensive prison consultants that leave them high and dry once things are over. Mendocino will, when requested, meet with your clients pre-adjudication to set realistic expectations for their future and what their family can expect.


We have found that roughly 90% of all prison communication is handled without engaging the attorney of record on the controlling offense. Client law offices are able to block all inbound calls from prisons and return or forward prison mail. 


Mendocino has developed a method for 100% record keeping of all communications with clients. This allows for easy post and future reference of issue tracking and allows Mendocino to alert client attorney's of an imminent or potential ineffective assistance filing from a previous client. 
With this type of value, it is easy to see why Mendocino services have already been in high demand. The space is limited to a maximum number of participating legal defense firms, so reserve your spot now. Each client is only $1,895 for the entirety of services regardless of length of prison stay, and comes with a credit for one additional CJA client at a $395 price point. 
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Are you ready to help your clients avoid costly prison consultants and get your office the central clearing house it needs to free up staff and counsel from unnecessary prison communications. If a client does have an issue that relates directly to their original representation by the attorney of record, Mendocino will simply schedule a time and date for a proper counsel phone call on an unrecorded line at the convenience of the attorney of record.


Fill out the information on this website to get your firm qualified for services!


Onboard your first client with Mendocino! Ask for a review of taking on all previous clients as a chunk consulting fee as a possible add on service.


Be free to focus on new clients, prospective clients, mitigation of current clients liability, and litigation of active cases. 
Now is the time to join Mendocino Consulting group of law firms before capacity is reached. 
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